Best Ways To Spend Time With Your Family

Best Ways To Spend Time With Your Family

Jim Carrey has said something in the lines of:

‘Solitude is dangerous. You get addicted to the calmness’.

Which, to many families, will hit the nail right on the head. That’s why some parents get lost in their work – being with a family is distracting and loud.

Well, there is time for solitude. For sure. But we also wanted to give you a few ideas (7 exactly) how you can strengthen your relationship by spending time together.

Make food together

Cooking healthy food with familyThis is not easy because most kitchens are quite small and it tends to get messy real fast. But, along with the next one, it’s also the most rewarding. Both in terms of cooking healthy food for yourself, instilling healthy habits into your children but also, it can be tons of fun.

What you can try is tell everyone to come up with a favorite soup and for a few days in the row, try making each. Everyone will be happy.

Long walks

If you have a pet, you already take it out for walks. But many families make it a chore that someone’s got to do. Instead, make a habit out of it to go out everybody. During the summers, you can stop by ice cream shops on your way back. On winters, maybe, tea shops are more appropriate.

In any case, pick several favorite parks and bays to walk around and switch between them. Fresh air, a bit of exercise and getting to know each other all over again.  places

Playing online games

Family game timeThe problem we found with computer games is that watching quickly becomes very boring. But if you played simple games like slots online, the gameplay is much different. Everyone can take turns and if you win, everyone will be happy.

Board games

Playing board games is an eternal source for family entertainment. Forget Monopoly. There is a thousand of fun alternatives you could even be playing with kids as young as 3 years old.

Go to the cinema and theatre

It’s not even about watching something new although nowadays there are movies and plays for every taste and age. It’s simply wonderful to go out with your family sometimes. What’s more important, you could discuss for hours upon end about what you just saw – what you liked and what you didn’t particularly enjoy.

Sports events

Sports events for familiesRooting for your team – it’s such a fantastic feeling. And it doesn’t matter even if your team loses. Better yet, these are great moments teaching us to stick to one another through the good and the bad.

Charity work

They say that one of the keys to happiness is gratitude. Nothing will help you appreciate what you have better than seeing other people in need. You can collect clothes you don’t wear and toys you don’t play with anymore or simply help out during events like the Food bank.