Family Habits to Make Your Year’s Top Priorities

healthy habits

Whether you like it or not, some couples are better at marriage than others. Maybe it is a bit about character or upbringing, but, and relationship experts agree, it’s mostly about repeating the good habits and eliminating the bad ones.

It’s a marathon. Despite your predisposition or parents, you cross the finish only if you don’t stop.


Don’t listen to cynics that you are richer and better off alone. Take a long look at what you have – a caring, good-hearted person who loves you and supports you. If you can be thankful for that, to God, to the universe, to the person themselves, then you are in a 10 times better relationship already.

Meals together

family meals

Eating together is old fashioned? Maybe. But if you are going for a long-term committed relationship, try eating at least once a day together. Maybe get up a half an hour earlier to make sandwiches while your spouse is getting to work. Even if you don’t have to.

And why not try making food together? Sure, it may be a little hard if you are both Type A personalities. So, if you di this, decide who takes the lead this time.

Walk together

walking together

As simple as that, go out and walk. For hours. This has many benefits from giving your fresh air, providing a little exercise time, limiting your smartphone use while also giving you lots of time to talk to your spouse about whatever comes to mind.

Trust us, you know very little about your spouse – why not have fun trying to find out more.

Pro tip: if you walk in the evenings, you will sleep much better.


family gifts

Make a little list of gift ideas and add things as you hear your spouse talk about something he or she would love. Not only you will have plenty of ideas when birthdays and holidays come, but getting into a habit of giving will encourage your spouse to do the same.

And suddenly, with the help of each other you have solved all of your dreams and wishes, plus you love your spouse for that even more.

 Go on dates

It’s not a cliché to go to dinner and movies. Whatever you come up with, go on dates before and, especially, all throughout the marriage. Kids will take everything you have, if you let them. It’s fine, but do not let yourself sacrifice the person you promised to spend the rest of your life with.


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