How to Travel with Children? Tips to Soothe Your Nerves

familyMore and more of us travel to the mountains in the winter months, where they will travel to the family with their car. Children, however, often suffer from boredom during long journeys, which leads them to invent a variety of dummies and scenes that do not add power to the driver. So how can children effectively seize the car? 

What we do, traveling with children can be very challenging. That is why it is especially important to pay more attention to the preparation of the pastime. If the children are not bored, the journey will probably be more fun and faster to escape you. 

CDs with children’s songs or spoken fairy tales 

This kind of entertainment is most appreciated by the smallest passengers. If, however, the driver fails to turn off the front speakers in time, we are quite sorry for him. With the stencils and texts of some children’s authors, there is little hope that the children will soon grow up. 


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It is worthwhile for children to take in the car some toys that they can reach without difficulty and with whom they can play. Always think that smaller children can only concentrate on one thing for a maximum of ten minutes, so it is advisable to take several toys. 

Word games 

The classic that everybody played in the car on the way to vacation. When you look at the internet, you will find dozens of word games that will make you entertained while practicing your brain, extending vocabulary and expanding horizons. Among the most classic we can name Words Football, Guess who I am, Finding animals, Creating a common story (Everybody adds a word) Guess what I see; and many others. 

Prepared games on paper 


If you want to enjoy your trip and educate your children a bit, invest a little time in preparing paper bases. Then you can play games such as: Shuffle what you will see When I’m there (the children estimate the time needed to reach the distance, where do we go?) (You can prepare the way for the trip and the children can draw animals, towns, monuments, etc.) Find what you have in the picture (you can either buy this game or prepare it by drawing pictures with animals, cops, colors, cities, etc.) 


Music / Movies 

Previously, if you wanted to let a kid in the car, you had to have a very expensive car. Today, however, it is a matter of a few thousand, as movies can be played on portable players, tablets or phones. The music is almost the same. In addition, you can find simple holders on the headrests where you place the player. To avoid disturbing noise, you can also use headphones. 

Games and Apps 


Although it is sad that more and more people spend most of their free time browsing phones and tablets, it is one of the ways to confiscate children. You do not have to let them play forever, or they might even find games you don’t want them to find, for example, 50 free spins for Starburst. You can also reach educational apps and games that can help children improve vocabulary in a foreign language, practice memory, drink counts, or speed up insight. In addition, thanks to the large screen, the tablet can also be greatly used for movie playback, especially if you attach it with a special attachment to the headrest. 

Due to the fact that most people are going to leave after the certificate is passed, it is possible to give the child the opportunity to give some more or less smart devices. By age you will then choose whether the device will be a simplified mode for smaller children, or whether you will allow the device to be fully utilized. 

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