Leisure Time with Children

leisure time with kids

Schools are closed and parents offer different educational opportunities focused on leisure time.

We have tried to broaden widely on this theme, although without being exhaustive in the intent that every family can take what interests them the most.

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A complete education can not remain limited to school or family, but must extend to the whole life of the person. Hence the need to educate children so that they are able to give creative and personal answers to the influences and influences that come from the external environment and that often contrast with the values ​​that are dear to families. Staying on the defensive or being passive can lead to the risk of being manipulated in some way. And this is not just about children, since parents are the first to have to propose effective answers so that children’s free time develops in its three fundamental aspects of: rest, fun and human growth.

Education at leisure can not be disengaged from the formation of virtues: obedience,

industriousness, rectitude, sobriety, generosity, friendship, etc … and leisure time activities

they must be opportunities for the complete development of the personality.



In talking about free time we are referring to the time that is not occupied by school activities or other obligations and, in particular, we refer to weekends and summer holidays; we do not want to quickly ruin what has been built with much effort, such as attitude to work or intellectual commitment. Instead, we wish that the time available becomes a fertile ground for restful leisure, for enriching, desired, voluntary and pleasant activities. We say restful leisure, because according to Cicero, leisure is a voluntary activity, creative and grateful to man. We therefore see that it is a time of activity and serves to develop the maturity of the person. True leisure is opposed to laziness and must involve:

– Rest

– Fun

– Cultural development

– Exercise of creative skills

– Social cohabitation and sharing


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– Educating on the positive –

Education in this field, as in all aspects of life, must develop in a positive sense, relying on values ​​and not prohibitions; we remember that the best way to fight a defect is to promote the contrary virtue.


– Fomenting values ​​-

To educate to the good it is important to look for the sure foundation of the good itself, without limiting ourselves to a simple denial or a “why not”, when a child, for example, demands an inadvisable program. We need to make the child reflect and offer him reasons that make him understand the need to act properly. We will help him not to be attracted by empty programs in which energy, time and money are dispersed and to understand that certain environments affect the personality, foment aggression and present sexuality as the engine and the end of the acts.

The solution is not to prohibit, but in teaching to look for opportunities that make the personality grow, create affections and earn friends. Here the family has to recover imagination to organize entertaining, attractive and transgressive opportunities at the right point.


– Fomenting good friendships –

It is important to guide the children in choosing their friends because they can depend on the environment in which they move and the activities they do in their spare time.

Our advice will however be more or less effective to the extent that we know how to respect their freedom, without impositions. For this reason we must try to win their trust from when they are small – later it will be more difficult – and it is obtained by paying attention to their questions, sharing their joys, concerns and projects. With this kind of attention they will usually ask for our opinion and healthy criteria will form, which they can also transmit to their friends, avoiding activities that are not recommended.



family leisure time

– The example of parents –

As in all aspects of education, the example in the family is important: an adolescent will hardly understand that there are other entertainment other than the disco or that he must return at a certain time, if his parents leave too often and come back late at night. . This does not mean that parents can not go out in the evening, but that it is advisable to be prudent, to be an example and to strive.

Moreover, it is difficult for the child to carry out projects that enrich him when his parents are passive, if they are on their own, thinking only of themselves. Dad and mom must be an attractive example of healthy fun and having lots of friends.


– Organizing family programs together –

Family programs allow children to learn from an early age to have fun and parents to discover how much fun they can have, rest and enjoy leisure time with their children.

These moments are very wide in which there is room for: family gatherings, family games, competitions, songs, stories, sports, walks, cultural visits (museums, towns, fairs, etc …) and birthday parties prepared by all members of the family in honor of the celebrated.

All these activities foment union, communication and family life: if you transmit this environment to them since they are small, they will also transmit hope, commitment to improve, strength and good habits.

In organizing leisure time activities, it is not possible to stifle children’s initiatives: they must actively participate in the preparation of family programs, as well as suggest a wide range of possible entertainment.


– The sport –

Sport and excursions are highly recommended, and in general, outdoor life in contact with nature; one experiences physical effort as opposed to comfort.

This habit offers great possibilities such as:

– foster teamwork and commitment to a common goal

– opportunities to exercise the spirit of sacrifice

– teach to respect the opponent and to respect the rules of the game

– learn to win and lose

– fostering the desire to improve personally

– helps to grow in values ​​such as: sharing, rectitude, sense of justice, solidarity, will, constancy, order, sportiness.

For all these reasons it is not good, as a general rule, that the chastisements endanger sports skills. It does not compensate for depriving them of what in any case is beneficial to them.

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